Systems and

Helped This CEO
say NO to a Merger


The husband-wife production company based out of Ohio had been in business for 16 years. Lauren became the CEO of the business eight years ago to focus more on business development, which allowed her husband Andrew to focus on the creative side of the business.

As the business grew, they became overwhelmed. Not only were they overworked, but the inconsistent cash flow made them uncomfortable.


Perceived Problem

She believed she needed systems to support the company’s growth because it was becoming too much for her to handle. She said most days she felt like ripping her hair out.”

Problem/s Discovered After Business Audit

When we ran the company through the audit, the first thing I saw was that there was a problem with the numbers. As much as I wanted to help them address their desires for systems (because let’s face it, systems building is fun for me), we first needed to address the inconsistent revenue.

Inconsistent revenue and unpredictable expenses were making her unsure of her cash flow, which was the real stress producer. When you don’t know if you have enough cash in the business to pay your team next month, everything feels overwhelming. It’s easy to say I just need better systems to help me manage everything, but first, we have to get a handle on the profitability of the business to create peace of mind with the numbers.

Main Areas of Focus - The How

Did someone say merger?


While we were working together, they received an offer from a client who wanted to merge companies with them.


After digging into the details of the deal, it became clear that there was no true benefit to the merger because Lauren was now running a highly profitable company with a more supportive team. Initially, the merger seemed enticing because she couldn’t handle the responsibilities of a CEO.


When we addressed the mindset around this, she realized she liked being the CEO and declined the merger.



After working with me for four months, this team is now focused on profitable growth and building out the proper team to scale. They are currently set to reach 7-figures sooner than they expected and most importantly, they are confidently leading their business and have no interest in a merger anytime soon.

They now have cashflow projections, systems, support, time management and a growing empowered team.

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