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Growth happens in business when you focus on the right things at the right time. The problem is that we often focus on the same things over and over, by doing the things we love to do and ignore the things we don’t love so much.
That’s why the Grown Ass Business Method gets people results 100% of the time. We lovingly support you in optimizing the Key Systems that will make a difference in your business, and ultimately turn you into an independent CEO. Paying attention to the 5 Key Systems of growth in a business is what gets you ahead.

They’re the unsexy, unsung heroes of business growth.

And when ignored— is when you experience stagnation in growth, hitting a ceiling, or worse, exhaustion, overworking, and burnout.

If any of the below sounds like what you are currently trying in your business, then keep reading:

  • You were told more content is a growth strategy
  • You create brand-new offers and bespoke proposals when you need cash
  • You join a marketing mastermind to be surrounded by your peers (and, let’s face it, your competition) when you’re already an expert marketer
  • You had AI ghostwrite your book and got it to be an Amazon top-seller in hopes that it would bring you more leads

The list goes on and on– And here’s the thing…

There is always 1 right next step to take to fix your problem.

And that answer is in fact NOT always more content, more offers, more marketing or even more leads. #SorryNotSorry

(I dive into this—and other topics—throughout the year in my Roundtables!)

I understand the temptation. Our brains are hard-wired for safety, and therefore, we are often tempted by doing more of the same. And by same I mean what we already know, or what we see everyone else doing.

All those things sound much more fun than optimizing your business basics for growth and scale.

But—as these business owners learned—carving out just a few days and creating sustainable systems for your unique business will grow your business!


…to a level you can’t even fathom right now.

Welcome to the collective G.A.B. Accelerator Case Study!

We set out to do something different with this case study. We know that many programs will feature one super star student, and show you the amazing results of their program. So what if, we showcased every person’s result from our recent cohort?  The G.A.B. Method is intended to deliver results to clients 100% of the time if they do the work, so why not prove it?

We are featuring all of the stories from our recent cohort, so you can read the collective results. Because different businesses should get different results if we are delivering custom strategies. And different people are starting in different spots and wanting different outcomes.

Here’s how this program case study is structured:

  • Types of Business Owners + Industries: Who exactly is G.A.B. Accelerator for?
  • Collection of Problems: What were these business owners going through prior to joining G.A.B.?
  • Common Themes: While each and every story is unique, you’ll spot overlapping themes.
  • Surprises: What surprised these entrepreneurs during their G.A.B. experience?
  • Results: of course, we will share the transformations and wins!

Go forth and enjoy!

They’re Types of Business Owners and CEOs (+ Different Industries) Who’ve Benefited from G.A.B. Accelerator

The G.A.B. Accelerator is for any business owner who wants to create and run a serious revenue-producing business.

(E-commerce businesses, service-based businesses, tech companies, etc.) we like to call them GABbers.

The Accelerator is a great fit for:

  • Businesses running for 2+ years (service or product)
  • Courageous entrepreneurs wanting to impact their world
  • Those serious about growing their business as a livelihood
  • Tired of the noise, confusion, and overwhelm and want a clear “right” path
  • Talented, smart, and ambitious—but stuck on why it’s not working yet

These business owners may feel:

  • Talented, smart, and ambitious—but stuck on why it’s not working yet
  • Too independent/opinionated and realize they’re “unemployable”
  • Tired of the noise, confusion, and overwhelm and want a clear “right” path

Problems Business Owners Were Facing Before G.A.B. Accelerator


I remember knowing something was wrong and feeling a little stress bubble around me of something’s not right, something’s off balance.”
Erika Hand

I didn’t actually know you existed. I could feel my world spiraling. I knew that a shift for my business was coming. I knew I needed something and I really wasn’t sure what and I was willing to grasp any straw.
Breanna Owen

All these things were converging and I felt like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’ And it was triggering a lot of underlying things like money trauma.
Mikki Wilson

We know we’re experts at what we do, but we kept seeing this cycle of lots of clients—and then really big dry spells.
Barry & Shay Kostabi

I was feeling so lost and hopeless. I didn’t know what to do.
Brittany Herzberg

I knew I needed to pick myself up from the COO chair and put myself into the CEO chair and kickstart it.
Christine Wade

I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing! I didn’t know how to go about doing business differently.
Kathleen Booker

I had been doing some other business coaching programs, but I had not had the results I expected. The strategy I was following there was not working for me.
Marielle Fois

I got into another program before G.A.B. There were lots of promises, it seemed so exciting, but I started the program and I was always beating myself up because I wasn’t achieving the result that was supposed to happen.
Jessica Sintra 

I spent my life letting my life happen to me. I’ve never invested in myself before! I was doing the same old, same old and I wanted something new—I was ready for it.
Jane Clark

Common Themes of These Business Owners’ Stories


Chasing all the shiny objects & thinking marketing was the only thing they needed to address.

“There were things I half-heartedly tried before G.A.B. I focused on what it is that I do—I didn’t focus on the business side. I went to another coaching program and I don’t even want to say how much I paid for that. Even though I was there, I wasn’t convinced by the program or the teaching and I never implemented. I never followed through. Celi makes sure you implement it, it’s one of the strengths of this program.”
Kathleen Booker

Not dreaming big enough—or not having a business vision at all.

“I realized I was allowing my clients to drive more of the projects and the scope of the work vs me really taking ownership in what I did and didn’t want to do.”
Alexandra Granato-Garcia

Needing/wanting direction on where to go next.

“I got on a call with Celi and I could feel my whole system chill. She made me feel like she knew what the path was and could direct me. And it wasn’t that I had to fit into a mold and her system, but really that she would show me what the mold was for my business. I felt calm, grounded, centered in our first conversation! And I wasn’t full of this swirling chaos anymore. And that was worth all the dollars.”
Breanna Owen

Not letting emotions run the show.

“You gave us structure so we can remove that emotional piece and just do what needs to be done.”
Shay Kostabi

Desiring confidence in their offerings.

“For me, I can’t offer somebody something with confidence if I don’t actually understand the mechanics of the thing I created. You gave me my confidence back in who I am and what I offer in the world, and it’s working!”
Mikki Wilson

Not believing they were good at business.

Not feeling far enough along in their businesses.

“This is my second business. Going from an in-person massage business where I was literally touching people to an online business full of Zoom calls and Google Docs all day long was still feeling like a transition and like I should have been further along than I was.”
Brittany Herzberg

What happens inside G.A.B. Accelerator

After years of working in and on different businesses, I’ve created this powerful and streamlined approach to building, growing, and scaling businesses. 

In the G.A.B. Accelerator, business owners begin to learn how all the different departments of business connect—and what to do when they’re not.

They quickly gain the confidence to move forward knowing exactly what they need to do next to support their business growth. It’s important that YOU see the path and own the path for your business.

One thing I don’t do is make these big crazy promises about exactly how the program will impact your business because it depends on where you’re at, the business you want to build, and the life you want to live.

The “fixes” looked different for each and every business and CEO, but the one throughline were the business departments.

Each business (doesn’t matter how big or small) has 5 divisions.

  • CEO: responsible for the actionable vision plan
  • CMO: responsible for knowing the target market
  • Head of Sales: responsible for owning the numbers
  • CFO: responsible for the healthy sales pipeline
  • COO: responsible for tracking KPIs and metrics

During the 4-day intensive, we get in there and optimize ALL of these aspects of your business so that it’s ready to grow—and grow with ease.

I’ve structured the G.A.B. Accelerator so you have no choice but to take action! But you’re doing it with my support and alongside other business owners who “get it.”

As much as I’d like you to need me forever, you start to answer your own questions! It’s magical to watch.

I hear all the doubts and struggles and challenges. I’m with everyone from sales calls to… I get to see all the big transformations that happen in just a matter of days!

Their Transformations Look Like This:

  • Reluctant business owner to proud CEO
  • Doubtful to doubling down on a profitable offer
  • Losing 2 clients to creating a new offer and filling the financial gap in a much more fulfilling way
  • Calling it quits to making connections to grow her busines
  • Building a business based on a skill set to one based in passion
  • Feast-and-famine to a flourishing and sustainable fitness business model
  • Being sold broken systems and overpaying for disappointing programs to now building a happy life
  • Being afraid of the numbers to crushing money goals
  • Living in Comparison to now combining the magic of strategy and mindset for ultimate revenue growth
  • Implementing for everyone else to accountability, adaptability, and taking action for my own business and revenue freedom
  • A coaching program that left her frustrated to G.A.B. which nourished her and brought back the excitement in her life
  • Broken business strategies in other programs to a deeply customized coaching experience
  • Feeling like her business was an unknowable mystery to mastering her vision & strategy

G.A.B. Students Program Favorites:

No gatekeeping or secrets.

“You didn’t hold anything back or gatekeep anything. You were just like… this is how it all works! I feel like I had a lot of the individual pieces of information just from living life as a business owner, but you strung it together in such a beautiful way so all those pieces started making sense when they were connected. 

So many people want to silo them and they’re not meant to be siloed. They’re meant to flow as one big ecosystem. There was something about connecting all the pieces together that it amplified every individual element. There’s nothing wrong with you that there’s one element of business that you really like—but you can’t abandon or ignore the other pieces, so what are you going to do about it?”
Breanna Owen


Getting real-time, personalized feedback.

“You make it ok to ask you questions so in the moment people feel like they can ask you questions in front of everyone. That dialogue is more rich and meaningful—it’s not like you’re just reading out of a textbook. It’s unique to everyone, but the concepts are all the same.”
Erika Hand

“Working with you… there’s a manner in which you teach that is very nourishing. It is nourishing, supporting, nurturing—without babying. Working with you, you are this big, huge light that makes a path doable, visible, and clear. You teach in a way that people can hear and receive. You really are teaching me business—and I hear you. As a spiritual facilitator, it makes it easier for me to keep my spirituality and get to the numbers.”
Kathleen Booker


The like-minded, kind, and supportive community.

“I remember being in the room with a variety of types of business owners—different industries, backgrounds, income levels, expertise, degrees—yet it felt like we were all on this level playing field. And we were all showing up for each other! I was probably one of the lower income earners in the room—but I never felt less-than.”
Brittany Herzberg

“Everybody learns through stories and hearing your stories and the growth pains of everyone else going through G.A.B. at the same time helps to create this support cocoon as you take those next steps for your business.”
Christine Wade


The actual care and compassion they received.

“I feel like you’re very responsive to the people that are in the program. So everyone is getting that feeling of being seen. You’re not just a number inside of a thing where you’re going through some steps and it has to be the same.”
Erika Hand

“One of the things I love about Celi is her ability to speak the very raw truth that is backed with kindness and care. You can give us a kick in the pants, but the kick sends you up—not down! And that is a very very very rare gift. The ability to fill us with confidence and back it up with the way to do it.”
Shay Kostabi

“You do such a great job of filling us with confidence in who we are and what we do and just that alone allows us to take bigger steps forward.”
Barry Kostabi


The ability to use a framework to create profitable offers.

“What surprised me was all my offers weren’t profitable and that there was actually a pricing strategy—a formula—so I could create profitable offers. Because I’ve been in enough communities and I’ve seen it enough that people arbitrarily pull these abstract numbers that feel good. It was the first time I actually put on paper to pay myself! This pricing strategy and formula for profitability and the fact that I will only create profitable offers—that was the game changer!”
Mikki Wilson

“It was pretty clear that where I was investing the vast majority of my time and energy was actually on the least profitable thing in my business. Spoiler: if you want to be able to pay yourself in your business, you need to invest your time and energy in the things that you sell that are actually profitable.”
Lis Best


Discovering beliefs and stories that were keeping them small.

“When you’re blending your identity as a mom with your identity as a business owner, there’s this tendency to minimize the importance of the mom side. When we were talking about designing the day around my family needs and being able to run the business, that is huge and I hadn’t thought of it like that!”
Erika Hand

“I came in wanting to only make a solid $300k a year in revenue. Now, I see the path and the way and realize I can do much more with my business. That original number had more to do with my playing safe and small. I’m going for more now.”
Breanna Owen

“My biggest takeaway is how unhappy I was working with other peoples’ systems. I was believing other peoples’ dreams and making them my own. I had a complete business pivot within the first 3 weeks of this program. I didn’t think it was possible to do what I wanted and I was busy doing what I thought I should be doing. A few weeks out and I’m making more money than before and doing what I absolutely love to do in the world!”
Yarim Vega


Being in a paid program that actually delivered on its promise—for once.

“Everybody else wants to make it hard and you’re trying to make it easy, which is actually hard because everybody else is telling you it’s easy but they’re making it hard!”
Breanna Owen

“If G.A.B. was a cereal box, it would say, ‘100% bullshit-free!’ A lot of coaches will give you a thousand videos to watch and hours of homework and I was just so impressed with how we got straight to exactly what we needed.”
Barry Kostabi

“I’ve paid $30k to be in some of the best Masterminds in the world, with some of the top Gurus. I didn’t learn what I learned in this program. I also never received this kind of attention and support. I tell Celi all the time that this program could easily be $5k and it would be absolutely worth it.”
Yarim Vega


Working on business foundations is not only important—it can be fun & simple!

“What surprised me was there was one system that allowed me to look at the most important aspects of my business and actually gamify it! I realized if I gamify it, it allows me to make better decisions based on the data I have.”
Mikki Wilson

“I was surprised because as someone who does systems and runs all the things for all the people…I was doing things for others, but I couldn’t teach myself what needed to be done for my business. The G.A.B. Sheets are very step-based and take you on a journey. You’re gonna get gently pulled through.”
Christine Wade


A new found sense of direction thanks to their business vision.

“My biggest result is having a direction. I now have a very clear direction and plan to follow. I didn’t have it before G.A.B. Accelerator, and that was after being in a business coaching program for 1 year.”
Marielle Fois

“Having a sense of where to go and what to do in those moments when the spiral of ‘Is it working?’ can be so tempting. It’s been good to have a relationship with my numbers, an understanding of what levers need to get pulled if things aren’t going how I planned in my vision, and the invitation to thoughtfully update, communicate, get clear on how I’m talking about what I’m doing.”
Lis Best

RESULTS: Their Businesses—and They—Have Grown so much!


You’ve helped me calm that chaos as well as put a tangible, solid offer in place that is working.
Breanna Owen

Just give me self-control over my business.
Mikki Wilson

I’m really excited! The momentum has really just started. Having the solid vision now and knowing what I want to create.”
Alexandra Granato-Garcia

I have a plan and I’m working the freaking plan—and it’s working for me!
Brittany Herzberg

I know I’m not doing everything to its fullest potential, but I’m already seeing growth.
Christine Wade

“Your teachings and the systems that you guide us to implement in our businesses—it works. And it’s not hard to work it. And it shows up in so many different facets of my life. Business and personal life are commingled—you can’t separate them.”
Kathleen Booker

And I’m quite clear now about where I want to go with it. Getting new energy, getting excited again about it is very very valuable!
Marielle Fois

The path is simple, the next steps are clear, and I am making money with more ease and joy in my heart.
Yarim Vega

Whenever I’m in your programs, my business makes more money.
Stacie Sussman


…And I’ll have you all know—they’ve ALL increased their revenue. 💃

These beautiful people agree—you deserve a Grown Ass Business™ too!


If you’re G.A.B.-curious, check it out for yourself! You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. The atmosphere inside the program is not boring! There was a lot of energy and this feeling of humor built into it. And I remember in my feedback, I said it’s like looking under the hood of your car, but also like looking in the mirror at yourself. So you’re looking at all those little technical things, but you’re also looking at an image of something. There’s so much in there for everyone—any kind of personality and any kind of business! It doesn’t matter! The concepts are so fleshed out, very clear that anyone can access them.”
Erika Hand

If you’re even a little bit considering G.A.B. Accelerator, that’s the answer. Whatever problem you bring Celi, she’s going to address it and take it seriously. She doesn’t push people through the program. There will be something you’ll get by the end of the program and it will be worth it.”
Breanna Owen

You already have a network! The Control Center even allows you to focus on the people you know already. You’re not doing anything new in G.A.B. That’s the crazy part! It just makes you look at the business in a way where you can control the vision instead of being a manager of the vision. Celi gives people the autonomy and empowerment to say, ‘I can be a solopreneur, a solo CEO, I can run this business by myself when I can see the big picture.’ We all want the time, the energy, and the money back. We just have to be willing to want to change and find that control. It doesn’t have to be hard..”
Mikki Wilson

I would just say, just do it! There’s so many layers to the program. I appreciate the awareness you bring around the different tables/departments of business and making sure they’re in sync and they’re all operating in coherence. Our default is to lean into that one place we’re really really good, but that creates those blindspots, which we just keep ignoring until either we feel really burnt out or something really breaks in the business. You’re going to discover so much about yourself—and you may even realign yourself to your business like I did!
Alexandra Granato-Garcia

“How serious are you about getting your shit in order? Are you ready to get on a rocketship? Are you committed to taking this business as far as you want it to go? If you are—buckle in!”
Barry Kostabi

“There’s that uncertainty about making that investment—not just the money, but the time and energy when you’re running a business… If you’re in that time of famine where your back is against the wall, you have to trust that by taking this step, that you are going to see results! If you put the work in and show up, you’re going to get something out of it.
Shay Kostabi

Go talk to Celi! Just talk to her. As scary as it was in that moment to share some of the stuff I did in those voice memos to you, I’m so glad I did because I needed the right person to hear me and to be able to help me. And that was—Celi!
Brittany Herzberg

“Jump on the G.A.B. side! I am one of those people who have paid thousands of dollars for other programs. I collect all the things, all the knowledge—I don’t do the stuff! I just collect it. It’s real pretty sitting over there on the shelf. Don’t do that. Knowledge is great, but you gotta do. That’s the great thing about this program is it forces you into the doing side.
Christine Wade

I don’t know anybody who supports you to get to your vision better than Celi. Regardless of the limitations you may put on yourself, Celi will see the vision—and not force you into a vision that is not yours. She will connect you to your soul vision. Celi will be the light that will be able to guide you to where you need to be. Working with you not only expands business, but also in your personal life. It’s quite lovely.”
Kathleen Booker

“One of the things I enjoyed but wasn’t expecting to get from G.A.B. Accelerator was a high-level overview of different pieces of the business. This is the first time I’ve done my numbers—and it feels good! It feels good to know, to have this level of awareness. Get in because the level of support you’re going to get—I doubt you’ve gotten this level of support somewhere else if it’s not 1:1.
Marielle Fois

“If you’re tired of feeling like your business is an unknowable mystery and feeling like a little kid who somehow ended up with your own business and you want to understand the different dimensions of your business and understand where to focus your time and energy and to know what is going to give you the impact and outcome you desire—G.A.B. is such a great place to invest in yourself, your business literacy, and in your confidence and ability to do the thing that you’re feeling called to do.
Lis Best

Have a call with Celi to share your doubts and talk them out with her—just like I did! The fact that Celi didn’t push me at all helped me gain a lot of trust in her.”
Jessica Sintra 

The magic that comes from giving it the ol’ college try is pretty powerful! There was a whole mental shift I had to do. By the fourth day, I was like, ‘Ok, I’m doing it!’ I got to the hard part and I still wanted to do it. And I still want to do it!
Jane Clark

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