A Media Company 4x’s Their Revenue

by Building Processes and a Clear Growth Roadmap


Hidden Forces, a subscription-based media company, had been in business for four years and at the time was making around $10K/month regularly.

They wanted to scale the business so they rebranded and hired a growth strategist. But felt stuck when it came to implementing the strategy because they were at capacity as a two-person team. They knew they had to change things in the business, but didn’t know what steps to take first.


Perceived Problem

Hidden Forces thought they needed help with implementation and getting things done.

Problem/s Discovered After Business Audit

Hidden Forces needed systems in place to simplify processes in their business so that they could get things done. The CEO found it impossible to delegate tasks. He understood it had to happen, but needed mindset coaching and help training his team, to release some of the tasks that were weighing him down.

With a completely overwhelmed CEO, the growth strategy was impossible to execute. So we had to take a step back and build systems and automations to support him. Once we had those things in place, we then built a team to support his growth plan.

Since most of the content and marketing strategies weren’t converting, we removed what wasn’t working before we added new tasks.

After looking at the data, we came up with a solid plan around the numbers. We then determined where he needed to focus his energy, so that he could be more involved in growth strategies.

Main Areas of Focus - The How


The CEO has more time that he’s ever had in his business. He is now more focused on engaging with his private community and is constantly creating value. He can now also focus on speaking engagements and institutional partnerships.

During our time together we:

  • 4 x’d revenue without overwhelm and now currently in line to reach seven figures next year with profitable offer suite,

  • switched tech and made it easier for his audience to join the membership, and

  • added a new high-end subscription tier. 

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