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Grows Sales from $10k months to $125k months


After a falling out with a business partner, the celebrity confidence coach was left to start over. The client built a digital App product and a coaching service for her audience but had been left with everything in pieces. She needed to get things up and running fast in order to keep her team and make payroll.

The client had a large social media presence, but couldn’t figure out why she was having a hard time selling her coaching services. She invested in popular programs and yet struggled to build her own coaching business. There was an assumption that a large audience alone was enough to build a sustainable online business. When we began working together her income came from live appearances and influencer work, but not her coaching services. So when my client became ill, due to stress and couldn’t work, the business also suffered.


Perceived Problem

The client had the classic “I need to work on my sales funnel” syndrome. She was overworked and worried about paying bills. So she thought by building a system to automate everything, she wouldn’t feel so exhausted and overwhelmed by her business.

Problem/s Discovered After Business Audit

After running her business through my auditing framework, I discovered that she didn’t have clarity about business numbers and financials. She wanted to focus on sales, but she needed to create a profitable business model and establish a better relationship with numbers and the 7-figure calculator run rate in order to build a successful coaching program.

Our Process Include:

  • Create a profitable Offer
  • The 7-figure Calculator
  • Business Financials
  • KPI Dashboards

The beauty of Scalable Business Audit is that it highlights specifically where we need to focus our efforts. We could have easily built a funnel and promoted it on social media, which is what her previous coaches did, especially since she already had a large audience, a team, and her V1 of her coaching program built out.

But from experience, I knew that creating a plan based on numbers would be her formula for success.

With a clear understanding of the numbers dashboard to measure her week-over-week effort, she was then able to take action.

Main Areas of Focus – The How


After working with me for six months, my client grew her revenue from $10k months to $125k months.

To reach those results in her business, I created a strategy that involved:

  • cleaning up her numbers,
  • getting clear on her product offering and pricing, and
  • overhauling her positioning and messaging.

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