I knew I wanted to have a successful business in this new phase of my life, but I was starting to feel like it wasn’t possible for me. I’d paid so much money to programs and coaches and courses, and while I learned many things and met great people, I still didn’t have a business that was making me money or that I felt proud to talk about. There is a point where the doubt gets louder than the hope and you question yourself. Celi showed me that my dream was in fact possible, and then she laid out the EXACT plan of how I was going to build it. Seeing it laid out like that and understanding that there’s an order and a process, made me believe in the possibility again, and got me excited to take action. I’m now deep into her plan for me and it’s working. I have learned so much about myself and my offer and what my real business is, and I can actually see it taking shape and working.