April 10, 2024 WRITTEN BY celi-ariasThe Grown Ass Business™ Suite: A Guided Tour w/ Celi Arias

You may have seen me talking about having a Grown Ass Business but wondered: “What exactly is a Grown Ass Business?” I’m here to answer that for you, darling!

If you’re new here, hi! I’m Celi Arias—a strategic advisor to small businesses and certified mindset coach. I focus on methodically building your business to be solid, sustainable and easy to grow, and then add-in mindset.

I believe that mindset doesn’t fix a broken business. That’s why we intentionally optimize your business foundations for growth and then we get into the mindset gunk. So you ultimately have a Grown Ass Business.  Now about that…

What is a “Grown Ass Business” (G.A.B.)?

It’s one that you have 110,000% trust in to support you and what you want in life. That’s a really wild thing to believe you can have, right?

It is critical to your business success that you have a really strong business model you can stand on. And THAT is what having a G.A.B. is all about!

How do you get your own G.A.B.?

Taking your business to that next level so it becomes a Grown Ass Business can be simple—if we let it be. It doesn’t have to take much time, but it does take dedication, intention, focus and recommitting to yourself and your vision (over and over again).

I’ve built a framework that takes business owners from feeling like they’re spinning out 7 days a week to feeling guilty about how little they’re working. This is absolutely possible for you! In fact—

You could have your own G.A.B. in 4 days…


Step 1: Grown Ass Business™ Accelerator

You want a business that works that makes money and that you absolutely know without a doubt is working.

The prerequisite to a 7-figure business and the first step in our process to getting:
✓ Messaging that works
✓ An easy strategy that’s doable and not overwhelming
✓ Knowing and owning your numbers
✓ Control (even if it’s an illusion, you still want it damnit!)

…is to join the Grown Ass Business™ Accelerator.

Who is G.A.B. Accelerator for?

The G.A.B. Accelerator is for anyone who wants to create and run a serious revenue-producing business. (E-commerce businesses, service-based businesses, tech companies, etc.) I lovingly call them GABbers.
The Accelerator is a great fit for:

  • Businesses running for 2+ years (service or product)
  • Courageous entrepreneurs wanting to impact their world
  • Those serious about growing their business as a livelihood

These business owners may feel:

  • Talented, smart, and ambitious—but stuck on why it’s not working yet
  • Too independent/opinionated and realize they’re “unemployable”
  • Tired of the noise, confusion, and overwhelm and want a clear “right” path

The Grown Ass Business Accelerator makes you a Grown Ass Business Owner!

What happens inside G.A.B. Accelerator?

This 4-day program is structured with intensive sessions—daily calls where we’re getting in there and optimizing ALL aspects of your business so that it’s ready to grow and grow more easily.

By the end of The Accelerator, business owners:

  • Have an actionable Vision and Plan
  • Know your winning market Positioning (AKA: your messaging and positioning)
  • Finally own your Numbers (what that means is—you know your profit margin, create healthy cashflow, have clear goals, and run your businesses from a sales projections plan)
  • Work from a 1-page Marketing and Sales Plan to easily attract your ideal clients
  • Get a custom CEO Control Center with the only metrics you’ll ever need to look at

And most importantly, the confidence to move forward knowing exactly what you need to do next to support your business growth.

3 ways to join Grown Ass Business™ Accelerator:

The Accelerator is designed to help business owners across the globe, so with that—there are a variety of ways to access this framework and support.

The G.A.B. Accelerator Live
The Accelerator is run live a few times a year! In 2024, you’ll be able to join us for these sessions:
January 10, 2024
April 12, 2024
June 19, 2024
October 30, 2024

The G.A.B. Accelerator VIP Style
Dates for The Live Accelerator don’t work with your schedule? Don’t sweat it! That’s exactly why The VIP Accelerator exists. Get everything included in The Live Accelerator—just delivered in a 1:1 format, on your time!

The G.A.B. Self-Study (coming soon!)

Step 2: The G.A.B. CEO

Once GABbers have gone through The Accelerator, they can move into The G.A.B. CEO.

This part of the process is where business owners get:

  • A Deep Biz Audit + Custom Strategy
  • The Visibility Workbook
  • The Growth, Sales & Marketing Workbook
  • The “Get Your Time Back” Workbook
  • And Master Your Leadership Mindset

G.A.B. CEO is where you really get to take your business to that next level and scale, because now you have the foundation to do so!

What happens inside The G.A.B. CEO?

G.A.B. CEO is a 6-month program that’s designed to help you scale and dig into those mindset blocks that get unearthed inside The G.A.B. Accelerator.

Because no matter how hard we try, that mindset ish will come up!

And in order for you to grow your business to that next level, become a better you, and realize those dreams of yours—you’ve got to address the mindset stuff.

Inside G.A.B. CEO, you get:

  • Custom Business Growth Plan
  • Access to the full Library of Trainings
  • Monthly Numbers Reconciliation Call
  • Weekly Mindset Coaching
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Expert Sessions
  • Community Support
  • CEO-level accountability

Who is The G.A.B. CEO for?

Similar to The G.A.B. Accelerator, G.A.B. CEO is for business owners who are serious about their personal and professional growth.

Because they realize the two go hand-in-hand. You cannot have a thriving business if you don’t feel amazing, and you cannot have a thriving personal life if you don’t have a business you feel solid in.

G.A.B. CEO is for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to regulate their business’ nervous system.

It’s a safe space to let all your “stuff” bubble up so we can address it and get you moving forward with confidence and swagger you didn’t even know you possessed!

How do I join The G.A.B. CEO?

The only way to join G.A.B. CEO is by going through The Accelerator—in any of its forms.

We do not skip steps around here. Everything is very intentionally created for you to have the most impactful experience—one that touches your life, business, and your soul.

And just like that—you’ve got a Grown Ass Business™!

You’ll find yourself echoing what these business owners have shared: