growth without
sacrificing your life

7-Figure Scaling Secrets from a Trailblazing Founder and Strategist
There is an easier way to grow and scale your business.  


Has your business success come at the cost of your freedom, family and well-being?  And does it seem to get more and more demanding?

I get it, I’ve been there. 

Reaching new revenue milestones doesn’t have to come at the cost of your quality of life. And simply changing your mindset won’t fix a broken business model.

You need both. A solid strategy built specifically for you and a solid mindset that can’t be rocked.
You need what I call, a Grown Ass Business™.

Let’s face it

You’re seriously smart, Ambitious, And better than the rest.

We both know it. And now you’re frustrated and maybe even a little embarrassed. Because the gifts and talents that got you to 6-figures are not getting you to 7.

The secret that no one tells you (because they make money from you not knowing) is that it takes something different and it’s not doing more. 

But uncovering what it really takes to break through? That happens to be my superpower. 

Hi, I’m Celi Arias, mentor, growth strategist, and business consultant. And you’re here because you want to know
if I can help (I can). 

And you likely know – another coach isn’t 
the answer. 

If it was, that last one would have delivered on their promise to help you “scale to infinity and beyond.” Unfortunately, without the real-world frameworks of business in place, you’re left with less cash in your pocket and no growth to show for your hard work. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Whether you want 7+-figures or just a comfy $400K/year empire… 

Continuing to lead and grow your business doesn’t have to mean working 12+ hour days, neglecting your family, or living on an endless stream 
of caffeine.

Yes, it takes work. But when you eliminate the unnecessary to focus on what matters most, your business will become sleek and ready to scale.
I’m here to provide the real truth and pathway that others won’t.

Are you ready to let your business *serve you?

CEOs come to me when they’re confused, overwhelmed and want to know exactly what to do next to grow – without pulling their hair out.
In their words, they have a PAIN-IN-THE-ASS BUSINESS™.

After we work together? The know exactly what to do next…

And then, ahhh… the sound of

927 new leads found.
85% to 300% increase in revenue.
32% increase in profitability.

Ready for a peaceful, predictable business you can bank on?

Then it’s time to face the music (and the numbers) by setting the clear path towards your GROWN ASS BUSINESS™.
Using my proven process and methodology, clients hit their growth goals with consistency and predictability. Say hello to the G.A.B. Framework.

Here’s how we grow your business up



  • LIVE
  • 5 WEEKS

The Pre-requisite to a 7-figure business. Optimize the key pillars of business to walk away with a custom strategy,  profitable plan, easy sales breakthroughs, and build your CEO Control Center that you will use forever as a Grown-Ass Boss.

April 12, 2024


VIP Track

  • 1:1 Journey
  • 8 weeks

If you like private support and a fast track to growth, this is the best way to fill the gaps in your business and walk away with a custom strategy, personalized support, and your CEO Control Center.

Dates Based on Capacity
And Your Schedule



  • LIVE
  • 6 Months

For the business owner ready for 7 figures and scale, this is level 2, where you become the CEO who is confident and in control. We now build the next-level systems right for you and your team. Daily support, Mindset training, and a highly ambitious supportive community. This is where we scale.

Interested in private support?

Let’s chat. I work with a small handful of businesses as a consulting COO, and because space is limited, my 1:1 roster is generally full. If you’d like to connect or get on the waitlist for when spots open up for private support, your next best step is scheduling a consultation.

What’s the “1 thing” that will move the needle in your business?