Let’s grow your business
the f*** up.

Here, we believe that running your business can feel fun and easy, growing to 7+ figures does’t require a bloated team, and you need to have all of your key data in one easy-to-read place, so you’re the one in control of your business.

So that’s what we do with our programs. Get you back in the control seat. 

Here is how we map out your growth and make you
the CEO of your Growing business:

The Grown Ass Business™ Accelerator

Whether you choose to do the 4-week group cohort or a private VIP Experience of this program, we’ll start by identifying and filling in the unique gaps in your business so you can quickly capitalize on easy opportunities and see immediate results. You’ll walk away with a complete understanding of what makes your business hum effortlessly (a.k.a. makes it way more fun and easy to run!). And, you’ll finally be ready to tailor your business to scale your way with your own CEO Control Center, built to help you make confident decisions that lead to the results you want to see.

The G.A.B. CEO

Now that you know exactly the what and the how of creating tangible results in your unique business, we turn up the volume on growth and scale. In phase two, you access 36+ growth-focused trainings and pre-built systems that take your business to the next level. Accompanied by personalized support from Celi, a weekly CEO mindset trainings, a private community of high achievers, weekly office hours for 1:1 coaching, and a custom growth plan built for you based on our proprietary Grown Ass Business™ Framework – nothing will stand in the way of your growth! This is a 6-month commitment. Many stay longer because they can’t help but attribute their largest quarters and growth spurts to this program. Show Me

The Smooth Operator 

Created especially for the entrepreneur whose business is ready to handle more clients and more growth without it taking up more of your time. It’s time to build your marketing machine to sell at scale on the front end and hire an exceptional COO to run your operation and train your team on the back end. Get this all done with high-level support from a scaling pro who has been in business for 30 years in various industries, has walked 15 businesses over the 7-figure line and helped hundreds of business owners get control back.

Ready to take that first step into the scalable, easy-to-run business you want?

We start by filling in the gaps and addressing blindspots with the g.A.b. Accelerator for fast results.
There are three ways to get started. 



Over four intensive days, we’ll plow through the phase 1 foundations to create rapid-fire results. Set up your CEO control center, create instant demand for your most profitable offers, solid pricing, sales projections, and marketing plan – and step your way into scalability – (then you have 4 weeks inside our GAB CEO Program for continued support)

April 12th, 2024


VIP Style

The personalized intensive track. You want all eyes on you? You got it. Over 8 weeks we will optimize the foundations of your business in a 1:1 schedule that suits you and support you through a unique and custom growth strategy built for you. You’ll see fast results and receive clear-headed confidence on your next steps with your own CEO Control Center. From here, you’ll be ready to jump into our GAB CEO program anytime. 



Work through the process of filling the gaps and growing your business up, on your own desired schedule. This is best for self-motivated small business owners who are tired of the B.S. advice and ready for real business and real results.

Create your most profitable & efficient business growth plan and build your G.A.B. CEO Control Center, at your own pace. Access to 4 office hours for 1:1 coaching included. 

Wondering what we’ll do inside The GAB Accelerator?

Let’s discuss.

Create Your Operating Vision

Your vision is the driving force behind your business and where it’s headed. None of this work really matters if it doesn’t line up with what you really want. We’ll establish your big vision at the outset, and build it into a doable plan, then revisit it to set you on your personal success course whether that’s maintenance, scaling, or selling.

Map Your Predictable Profit Plan

We’ll start by getting clear on where the big money really lies for you. Without knowing which offers are guaranteed to provide the most profit for your efforts, you’ll spin your wheels endlessly on projects you might love but leave you disappointed, frustrated, and financially drained. Let’s bring the padding back to your pockets by clarifying which offers will sell with ease and give your business the cashflow it needs to succeed, sustain, and scale. Products that sell profitably? This is what we call product-market-fit, babyyy.

Implement The Instant Demand System

Now with your profitability dialed in and a full sales projections plan at your fingertips, we’ll hone in on ensuring you always have demand for your products and services. Using a simple system to identify the unique gaps in your messaging and marketing, we’ll close them up so your ideal clients can walk themselves all the way to “OMG I’m in,” with way less heavy lifting from you. Hello, simplified marketing and simplified sales pipeline management.

Set Up Your CEO Control Center

Having a full strategy plan and your numbers at your fingertips means you get the snapshot of what’s working in your business at all times. Without this clarity, it’s easy to spin into all kinds of thoughts about you, your business, or the direction to take things next – without having a grounded idea of what’s truly moving the needle forward. Knowledge is power, and knowing what works puts you back in the control seat, like the bonafide boss of a Grown Ass Business™. 

All combined, this is how we grow your business the f*** up, install Grown Ass Business™ frameworks into your operation, and make your life (and marketing, sales, delivery, & growth) way easier.

Instead of spending your days putting out fires, feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of what to do to create a strong, sustainable business you enjoy, You’ll know precisely what to do next to hit your goals, serve your customers well, and make your big business vision a tangible reality.

(Not to mention, brag about your ever-escalating success to anyone who ever judgmentally said “You’re quitting your job to do WHAT?!”)

Interested in working together privately?

When capacity allows, I support 7 and 8-figure leaders who are ready for outside expert eyes and operational guidance to 2x-3x their growth, increase profitability, prepare for a buyout, and more. I talk big, and I deliver even bigger. I only work with 2 private clients at a time, so if you are near 7-figures and think this could be for you, let’s talk.

What’s the “1 thing” that will move the needle in your business?