but make it fashion.

Business owners come to me when they’ve hit ceilings, walls, and other hard places too challenging to overcome alone.

After a life of choosing the harder path, my mission has become to make your life easier. Because the one thing I’ve learned and would put on a billboard is:

“It can always be easier than you’re making it.”

And having scaled, sold, and supervised 300% growth for over 300 entrepreneurs across industries, I can confidently say:

It’s true in business too.

The key to scaling is also the key to enhancing
your quality of life:

Eliminate the unnecessary,
and focus on what matters most.

Why listen to me?

I started hustling at 11 to fund my dreams of becoming a ballet dancer and later, my first car in high school. In my 20’s, when others were partying? I was literally working 24/7 because I’d launched a global fashion line. People laugh at me because I lived in Argentina and didn’t see any of the famous sites of my country, because I was working. 

Don’t be me. You can have a profitable business AND a life.  Took me way too many years and degrees (4 of them) to figure that out. 


This is my “why”. I’m making sure you get success without throwing away your life and your free time like I did. Together, we’re doing it simple and easy this time.  

Like a badass race car driver, we’re gonna slow it down to really speed things up. Building those rock-solid Grown Ass Business foundations means facing the stuff you’ve been avoiding head-on. But then? You’ll know exactly when to hit the brakes, when to ease up, and when to floor it! 

My clients? They’re making serious bank, taking that paid maternity leave, and actually getting quality family time. Basically living the dream, right? But you know what I love most?

When they come to group calls, ask a question, and then boom! Answer it themselves. It’s like watching them level up into true CEO bosses right before my eyes.

They go from unsure to unstoppable so fast. Eventually, they outgrow needing me at all. And you know what? That’s the biggest win. Seeing them flourish independently is when I’ve nailed my job. 

Hi, I’m Celi Arias, businesswoman, growth strategist, and consultant, and you’re probably here because your business needs help. 

The technical background bio goes like this: 

Celi is a seasoned entrepreneur and consultant with a proven track record of building and selling 7-figure businesses. With a background spanning global fashion manufacturing, corporate experience in luxury sales, COO to tech startups, and a specialization in leadership performance, she brings a comprehensive skill set to guide her clients in building sustainable businesses. They not only overcome the struggles and pitfalls of entrepreneurship but strategically scale their businesses while realizing their aspirations of impact and, ultimately, a bigger life.

Whether you want 7+-figures or just a comfy $400K/year empire… 

Continuing to grow your business doesn’t mean working 12+ hour days, neglecting family, or living on endless caffeine.

Yes, it takes work. But when you know what to focus on, your business is finally set up to serve you. 

What’s the “1 thing” that will move the needle in your business?