I speak, teach, and build simple growth strategies for small business owners with big vision.

Inspire and motivate your audience while also giving them the gift of real actionable tools and next steps.

Celi Arias, MBA, and almost Priestess, is an entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience, a coach to 100s of clients, and a founder herself, who loves sharing her stories, frameworks and experiences with the world. Starting with nothing, she has built and coached several multi-million dollar businesses globally. 

Through her experience working with various industries and disciplines, she’s developed a simple and clear methodology that delivers the easy path toward 7-figures without burnout, frustration, or endless cycles of self-doubt. She openly shares these frameworks and processes in her presentations.

Fan favorites include

The One thing Standing between you and your 7-Figure business

Business is not all mindset, and it’s not all strategy – It’s a combination of both. The best leaders know how to differentiate between mindset and strategy and I will teach how to do the same.

From Chaos to Clarity Simplify your next move

There are no wrong moves, just doing the right things in the wrong order. Learn the stages of growth, exactly where you fall on the map, and exactly where you should focus next.


Everyone feels they just need more leads and their business will be magically fixed. We don’t realize we’re sitting on a honeypot. This talk is focused on understanding your sales pipeline and how to use it.
Testimonials from the stage
“I am so grateful that I got to hear Celi speak. As an often overwhelmed business owner, I connected with her immediately and heard many insights that I can out into practice right away. Her cheat code is revolutionary and I can’t wait to transform my business using her methods!”

– Lauren Jewel, Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach

Celi is a magnetic speaker and encourages all of us to untangle our mindset from our business strategy for ultimate growth! With nervous system regulation I can now access my CEO brain. This information was brilliant and accessible!

– Liz Svatek, host of Conversations with Warrior Women Podcast

“Celi’s talk and her view of untangling mindset from strategy was incredibly impactful. I look forward to using her cheat codes and understanding her business strategy process to apply to my own growing business.”

– Suzy Domenick

“Celi showed us how to easily and effortlessly bring our CEO brain online. Her knowledge and expertise shine through when she speaks. She breaks everything down so you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the aspect to address when running a business”

– Sharri Freedman

Celi made me realize “my biggest asset in my business is untangling and understanding when I have a mindset problem or if it is a stranger problem.” Her confident and informative delivery landed so well for me, especially when she combined the nervous system love, it all sank right in.

– Jillian Seibel Pawlowski

Listen to Celi Share and Teach here

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