7-figuresin her
first business,

and now we’re
doing it again
Jam, a long-term client, has a service-based business in the Philippines. When we met, she was at 20K months.

She learned a lot about content and marketing, from one of my mentors and favorite marketing coaches, and yet she knew she didn’t have systems to handle her growth or capacity issues. Her previous coach didn’t cover ops or capacity strategies, so she came to me. Over time we have worked on every pillar of her business together. Now she is fine-tuning to work on the next level of growth so that she can bring her business to the US.

Our Process has Included:
Rebuild product market fit
Differentiated Positioning
Cleaned up Branding
Client Retention Plan
Team Capacity Plan
Sales Commission and bonus structure
Leadership training
Mindset coaching
Team training and reporting
Now that she’s working on moving her company to the U.S., we’ll be working on her numbers and team profitability as a U.S.-based company. She hit seven figures in her currency and her next goal is to build a 7-figure U.S.-based business.
Main Areas of Focus – The How
She’s gone through my entire process for her previous company and
now we’re working on the next level of it as she moves it to the U.S.,
which means:
building products for strategic partnerships
Profitability Focus in a new country with new team
Clear marketing language
CEO Removed from sales process TO FOcus on bigger growth deals
the Next level CEO Mindset
Jam tripled her revenue after using my framework. She bought properties that make her passive income that she uses to support her entire family. She vacations more than anyone I know and works much less, thanks to the capacity plan and team trainings we built.

With her new sales system in place and new sales team, she can travel and focus on other endeavors while her business continues to grow.

Jam has a solid team in place and is working on her taking her business to the next level, which means she’ll focus more on marketing and bigger strategic partnerships.

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