November 20, 2019 WRITTEN BY celi-ariasSay yes

There’s something to be said for just saying yes. To the things that scare you, to life, to the things you want to do and never do… to the things you even don’t want to do. John Lennon met Yoko Ono because of an art piece that she made which was a ladder leaning up against a wall, and when you looked up there was a sing that read yes. One of my friends, who has a rule about having a “Yes Day” once a month, ended up training and running a marathon and therefor changing his health journey, all because of a yes day.

The power of yes can be transformative, life-changing, challenging. Because it’s so easy to say no. Because it’s so easy to stay where we are. Because it’s so easy to stay in our comfort zones and then complain about where we are. It’s so easy to see where others are stuck and holding themselves back, yet it’s so hard to see it in ourselves. So sometimes I just say yes. When something challenges me, when something seems scary, when I really feel all my resistance come up… I just simply say “YES”. And then of course, try my best and keep it moving.

So, as someone who reads tons of useful books and articles, even though I’m not a particular fan of my own writing, I decided to stop worrying about my writing technique. It’s more important to be able to share information that can be useful to you, rather than store it all in my brain, for only a small handful of people. So I’m saying yes to starting this website, to writing this blog, and to sharing my thoughts with more of you. May it serve you in some way.